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Assesment of the Project

50 points of maximum of 100 points is needed to pass the course.

The project is assessed by the teacher and students. Assesment is based on performance of the students during the project. Also the results of the Factory Acceptance Test is evaluated and included in the assesment. Each group assesses both its deliverer group's and orderer group's performance. Also, the group's members assess each member's performance within the group.

All the assessment reports are filed in Moodle.

Other groups' performance is assessed in a scale of 0 (no activities detected) to 20 (the group under assesment has performed excellently and with great initiative in all areas) points.

Assesment of one's own group is assessed in a scale of 0 to 10 points. Maximum points indicate that the group has been goal-oriented, has been able to tackle problems by taking initiative and getting information form various sources; the group has also reached it's goals or is able to present valid arguments and reasoning for failing to do so.

More information on assesment on page What to assess.

The teacher assesses (50 p)
Orderer group assesses deliverer group's (20 p)
Deliverer group assesses orderer group's (20 p)
Assesment of one's own group (10 p)

The group files one joined assessment.

Assessment is based on the criteria shown above. Also, each group member's share of the outcome of the project is assessed as percentage. This can be done by figuring how much of the profit would each member get if the project were profitable and there would be 100 000 euros to share between the members.

All the assessments are filed in Moodle.

Updated 30.8.2017

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