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Instrumentation notation

In instrumentation and process diagrams the origin and quantity of a measurement or a function is described with one to four letters. The measurement or the function is futher identified by a unique number.

Example: PIC-107 - P Pressure, I Indication, C Control, loop number 107.

as the 1stas any other
A   Alarm
B   Audiovisual function
C   Control
D Density Difference
E Electrical Sensory function
F Flow Ratio
G Length, position  
H Hand Manual
I   Indication
J   Intermittant function
K Time, timer, scheduler  
L Level  
M Moisture Signal transformer
N User defined, e.g. amount  
O User defined  
P Pressure Testing, sampling function
Q Quality, e.g. analysis result, concentration, conductivity, consistency combination or addition, calculation
R Radio activity Recording, plotting
S Speed, velocity, frequency Switching function
T Temperature Transmitter function
U Several measurands, multivariable Multi-function
V Viscosity Valve, functional unit
W Weight, force  
X Undefined quantity Undefined function
Y User defined Counter function
Z   Emergency, security, interlock
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