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Course Work

The course work consists of studying and participating in a web site Content Management System (CMS) project.

  1. 27.10.2008 Choose a CMS project from the list on page "SourceForge Projects". Try to select a project that fits your skill level in programming
  2. Study how the application works
    • download the application to your public_html directory at students.oamk.fi
    • study the structure of the application
    • install or compile the application
    • study how it works
  3. Think of something in the application that should or could be improved
  4. 10.11.2008 Present the project in its current status to the class. Describe also how you plan to improve the application
  5. Try to contact the original developer(s) and tell them what you are about to do. If you do not manage to get in touch with the developer(s), you may want to set up a new project to SourgeForge. Remember to give credit to the original developer(s).
  6. Start programming the changes. Test, and when ready, upload the changes.
  7. 8.12.2008 or 15.12.2008 Present your project to the class.

Besides programming, you can also participate the project of your choice by translating it to another language, if that is specifically mentioned in the feature wishlist.

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