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Exam will take place in January. Date and place will be announced later.

   1. Defect Handling in Medium and Large Open Source Projects, 8 pages
   2. The FreeBSD Project: A Replication Case Study of Open Source
        Development, 14 pages
   3. Assuring Quality and Usability in Open Source Software Development,
        5 pages
   4. Life cycle of Defects in Open Source Software Projects, 6 pages
   5. Communication Flow in Open Source Projects: An Analysis of
        Developers' Mailing Lists, 5 pages
   6. How Open Source Is Your Open Source?, 2 pages
   7. Commentary on article "How Open Source Is Your Open Source?", 2 pages 

You can find material for the exam here. You'll need a password to access the material. Use the same password as with the previous OSS course.

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