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Problem: Conveyor control

Ohjaustaulu = Control Panel
Kuljetin = Conveyor

The conveyor transfers objects from A to B. A control panel is used for user interface. Additionally, there are proximity switches B1-B4 and electric motors M1 and M2 attached to the conveyor system.


Proximity switch B1 sees the object set on Conveyor 1. If B4 does not see the object at the end of Conveyor 2, the system can be started by pushing S1. Conveyor 1 starts up and moves the object towards Conveyor 2. As the object reachesB2 Conveyor 2 is started. Action can be stopped by pushing S2.

Indicator lamp H1 is lit when Conveyor 1 is running and H2 indicates Conveyor 2 status. Indicator lamp H3 is used to indicate an object being at B4.


Updated 12.3.2007

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